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The Finest Cuisine

Our award winning cuisine, just like the bush surroundings reflects a tantalising combination of truly Australian and European influences. Of course, each sumptuous dish is complemented by our premium quality wines.

Our philosophy

At Darlington Estate, our food is not about the ego of the chef, it's about the food itself. For that reason, we don't have a picture of him here. In all honesty, it's also because he's not a big showy type - he's just about the food. Our a la carte menu is a demonstration of cultivating the best in the centrepiece of each dish. This can only be accomplished by a careful balance of the accompaniments to ensure taste combinations and presentation are both exquisite in flavour and presentation.

This season's menu was designed to offer entertainment to all tastes, meaning that no matter what you think your favourite dishes might be at a first reading of the menu, there are surprises to be found in the dishes that you would never normally order. Devout steak-o-philes have been seduced by the chicken and scallop risotto!

Current A La Carte Menu


Oysters Half dozen One Dozen
Natural (d, g) $14 $28
Apple wasabi, fresh ginger, chives (d, g) $18 $36
Cheese and bacon, breadcrumbs $18 $36

Turkish bread, marinated olives (d, v, *) $9

Flatbread, dukkha, hummus (v, *) $10

1 x cheese of your choice, rosewater honey (g, v) $12

Emu chorizo, prosciutto, house pickled vegetables (d, g) $12

Tempura prawns, Bourbon cured salmon, caper berries (d) $15

Extra bread (*) $5


Pan fried duck livers, Bourbon honey tarragon glaze, Cheddar cauliflower puree, parmesan crisp, fried cauliflower (g) $17

Pork belly, miso cabbage, spring rolls, spiced plum sauce, daikon & apple salsa (d, *) $18

Goats cheese and dill croquettes, heirloom tomatoes, capsicum sugo, avocado puree (v, *) $18

Extra croquette or spring roll (*) $3.5


Sorbet as a refreshing palate cleanser, perfect between courses (d,g,v) $8


Sage and rosemary poached chicken breast, scorched leek, dill polenta, white wine cream sauce, pancetta puff $39

Sirloin, gremolata mash, spinach blue cheese puree, pickled veg, roquette salad, seeded mustard & orange blossom vinaigrette (g) $40

Char Sui pork loin, squid ink rice pudding, fried choy, crisp wonton, sesame chilli (*g) $39

Coffee cocoa crusted kangaroo fillet, baby root vegetables, onion relish, dark chocolate gastrique (g) $42

Coriander and honey haloumi, African spiced puy lentils, saffron yoghurt, cider braised fennel, lemon, turmeric sweet potato crisp (v, g) $36

Seasonal fresh fish of the day, chef's choice (a) Market Price


Heirloom tomato, shallots, baby spinach, haloumi, caramelised balsamic (g, v) $10

Hand cut fries, house made smoky BBQ sauce (d, v) $10

Curried pumpkin, sweet potato, honeyed almonds, roquette (g, d, v) $10

Jerusalem cous cous, cranberries, dates, figs, pine nuts, Danish feta (v) $10


Peanut butter jelly brulee, double cream, salted shortcrust $12

Coconut tapioca, rum infused bananas, banana crisp, pineapple chutney (g, d) $12

Deep fried Oreo semifreddo, hot fudge sauce, macerated mixed berries $12

Strawberry and lime tart, white chocolate, whipped chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis $12


Gourmet cheese served with a selection of condiments (v)

Platter with one cheese choice (60g) $16
Platter with two cheese choices (100g) $28
Platter with three cheese choices (150g) $36

Please ask your waiter to advise you of today's cheese choices

Our restaurant is fully licensed.

Key: d = dairy free, v = vegetarian, g = gluten free, a = ask you waiter, * = can be made to order.

Prices subject to change.

Wedding Tasting Menu October 12th & 14th 2018


Braised Harvey beef cheek, paprika and shallot polenta, tomato & scorched corn salsa

Braised Plantagenet pork belly, apple puree, pickled cabbage, crackle dust (df)

Harvey beef, marinated beetroot, bean sprouts, ponzu dressing with horseradish snow (gf)

Warm smoked chicken and potato salad, baby spinach, dill aioli (gf) (df)

Confit Tasmanian salmon, apple & spring onion salad with nuoc cham dressing (*gf) (df)

Harissa barley, Dukkha crumbed haloumi, broccolini, dried cranberries (v)


Free range chicken breast with Moroccan grilled vegetable couscous and a lemon thyme cream sauce

Porcini & thyme roasted Harvey sirloin of beef, baby chat potatoes in garlic, broccolini and red wine jus (gf)

Katanning lamb rump, roasted pumpkin and sweet potato, spinach puree and chili vine ripened baby tomatoes (gf)

Pale ale and rosemary braised lamb shoulder, warm salad of baby potatoes with caramelised onion and feta (gf)

Seasonal fish of the day, charred capsicum, tomato & goat cheese barley, fig glaze (*df)

Wild mushroom risotto, pecorino, steamed asparagus, porcini powder (v, gf)


Milk chocolate tart with vanilla double cream, white peach compote

Salted caramel pannacotta, explosive sugar and Kahlua macerated strawberries (gf)

Slow roasted lemon curd tart, spiced meringue and passionfruit créme fraiche

Peanut butter semifreddo with milk chocolate ganache and macerated strawberries

Passionfruit creme fraiche bavarois, gingersnap crumb, passionfruit syrup (*gf)

Chocolate and coffee mudcake, vanilla double cream, sumac and lime jelly

Key: d = dairy free, v = vegetarian, g = gluten free, * = can be made to order.

1 Course - $45, 2 Courses - $60, 3 Courses - $75

Cellar Door Wines

To Take Home

Darlington Estate Late Harvest Chenin 2014 $23
Darlington Estate Riesling 2015 $23
Darlington Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2015 $23
Darlington Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2015 $23
Darlington Estate Chardonnay 2014 $23
Darlington Estate Sparkling White $29
Darlington Estate Merlot 2014 $29
Darlington Estate Cabernet Merlot 2014 $29
Darlington Estate Shiraz 2014 $29
Darlington Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 $29
Darlington Estate Rosé 2014 $23

Discounts may be available for Deluxe Club Members.

Children's Menu

(Under 12's)

$33 per child includes main meal and dessert


Chicken tenderloins with chips and a garden salad
Tempura battered fish with chips and a garden salad


Ice-cream Sundae

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OPEN FOR DINNER - Friday and Saturday

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